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ICHIBAN Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is much easier installation and suitable for DIY with only prepare small blade and vinyl glue only. Vinyl flooring often used in commercial area, public area, hotel, office, airport. Vinyl flooring is also called resilient flooring’ in the market. Compared to mosaic tile or ceramic floor, we suggest you look into our selection of vinyl flooring because of its instant installation without any cement work, clean, much more hygiene, sound proof and to keep your leg warmth all the time. 


Vinyl floors have been around for years. Sheet vinyl is the most commonly used type of vinyl floor because of its affordability and ease of installation. Vinyl floors often install at commercial area, cafeteria area, management offices, household areas such as dry kitchens and bathrooms and public buildings.


If you are looking for an affordable alternative to ceramic floors, we suggest you look into our selection of vinyl flooring. There are few benefits of vinyl floorings which are wide variety of colours can choose, stain resistance, scratch resistance, waterproof function and anti-termite function. Not only is the performance better, but so is the warranty on our vinyl floors.


  • Panel Size : 914mm x 152mm x 2mm

  • Surface : Embossed

  • Wearlayer : 0.2mm

  • Total Pieces per Box : 24 pcs


  • Panel Size : 935mm x 187mm x 3mm

  • Surface : Embossed / Cristal Clear

  • Total Pieces per Box : 19 pcs

High Quality Products

Minimal Wastage

Termite Resistance

Easy Install, Maintenance & Replacement

Durable Products

Water Proof Function

99% Hygienic

Made in Korea

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