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Classic Wood Flooring & Decking

Each piece of solid wood flooring is originally made from tree after kiln dry process and moulding process.

Each piece of solid wood flooring is valuable depend on species of wood, timber classification, wood colours, wood grains, durable levels and width, thick and length. You may feel the comfortable and durable of solid wood flooring with your own feet step on its surface.

The original wood colours and wood grains of solid wood flooring to make your house look much more luxury and classic.

Stars Stone Flooring

SPC flooring is considered the new generation of floor covering. It is an upgrade of luxury vinyl flooring and is totally safe floor covering for both residential and public environment. For those customers whom want to install floor covering for their bathroom or kitchen, and SPC is the best choice to take.

Aqua Water Proof Flooring

Aqua water proof flooring is one of the floating floor with 99% water-proof, anti-termite, anti-scratch and

much more stable and durable on wide dimension area. The flooring is instant installation without any glue.

Luxury Laminated Flooring

Luxury Laminated Flooring is made up from High Density Fiberboard (HDF) with high quality surface protection resistant to wear, scratch, abrasion and heat.


For those customers whom have children in the house, we recommend this flooring to you because it is floating floor with certain elasticity level to protect against your children get serious injury when fall down from high position. Don’t forget that this flooring is water-resistance.

ICHIBAN Vinyl FloorinG

Vinyl flooring is much easier installation and suitable for DIY with only prepare small blade and vinyl glue only. Vinyl flooring often used in commercial area, public area, hotel, office, airport. Vinyl flooring is also called ‘resilient flooring’ in the market.


Compared to mosaic tile or ceramic floor, we suggest you look into our selection of vinyl flooring because of its instant installation without any cement work, clean, much more hygiene, sound proof and to keep your leg warmth all the time.


Carpet often used in commercial area, public area, hotel, office, airport. Main reason most people choose carpet because easy to maintain, sound proof, scratch resistant, and don’t forget its beautiful colorful surface.

Flooring Accessories Station

In our flooring accessories station, you can choose and buy the skirting and profile that you want from us. Feel free to ask our team members if you not sure which type of skirting and profile to suit your flooring.

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